See the events in the DANCING diary in this project timeline from when we started on 1/9/20. View the project timeline at larger scale.


25 May

Event: Open Up Museums!

A joint event organised by DANCING, Re Creating Europe and inDICe hosted by MUSE, Trento and MART, Rovereto, Italy.Open Up Museums! Prospects and Challenges of Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion 26-27 May 2022 A two-day itinerary workshop to explore key issues and tools to promote openness in the cultural sector between law and practice
20 April

New Publication In the International Journal of Cultural Policy By Neža Šubic and Delia Ferri

Neža Šubic & Delia Ferri (2022) National disability strategies as rights-based cultural policy tools, International Journal of Cultural Policy, DOI: 10.1080/10286632.2022.2053960

24 March

Blog Post by Léa Urzel Published on Ideas in ALL blogsite for Social Justice Week

22 March

Event ‘A conversation with Dr Rosaleen McDonagh’ author of Unsettled (Skein Press 2021)

The MU Sexualities and Genders Network and ERC Dancing Project are delighted to present, as part of Social Justice Week.  Dr. Rosaleen McDonagh

21 March

Infographic Launched: Where is the Paradigm Shift?

By Norbert Croonenberg, Accessibility Design as part of Social Justice Week 2022

This is a flowchart to show the latest results of our research , Barriers and Facilitators to Participation by People with Disabilities in Culture: Where is the paradigm shift?

17 March

New Publication in the European Constitutional Law Review by Neža Šubic

9 March

Blog Post By Iryna Tekuchova Published On Ideas In All

2 March

DANCING Project Featured in ERC ‘Story’

1 March

Research Assistant, Eva Krolla joins the team

Profile picture of Eva Krolla

28 February

New publication in the Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research by Ann Leahy and Delia Ferri

Leahy A, Ferri D. Barriers and Facilitators to Cultural Participation by People with Disabilities: A Narrative Literature Review. Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research. 2022;24(1):68–81. DOI: http://doi.org/10.16993/sjdr.863

4 February

Blog Post by Léa Urzel Published on Ideas in All

28 January

Blog Post by Iryna Tekuchova Published on Ideas in All

10 January

2nd PhD Researcher, Iryna Tekuchova Joins the DANCING Team

15 December

Filming for DANCING Documentary Commences

15 December

2nd DANCING Focus Group

14 December

1st DANCING Focus Group

26 November

GIF Launched: the Aims of Project DANCING

2 November
22 October

PI, Prof. Delia Ferri Invited to Deliver Online Oral Presentation by University of Pavia, Italy

“Il quadro normativo europeo in materia di accessibilità digitale” at event ‘Accessibilità digitale: obblighi e prospettive, part of the series of online seminars ‘Diritto, nuove tecnologie, inclusione sociale:  Una prospettiva interdisciplinare multilivello’ organised by The University of Pavia with the support and under auspices of Ordine Avvocati Pavia (Italy)


20 October

Tender for Choreographer/ Dance Company Launched

19 October

Research Assistant Vacancy Opens

See DANCING News page for details.  Closing date 2/11/21.

17 October

PhD Applications Close

7 October

Cartoon Launched: First Year of Project DANCING by Norbert Croonenberg, Accessibility Design

View cartoon.
Cartoon showing the 5 members of the project team talking about what they have done so far. Please see separate link for full audio description.

23 September
16 July

Submission to Culture Ireland’s Consultation on Culture Ireland Strategy 2021–2025

29 June

Blog Post by Neža Šubic Published in I-CONnect

23 June

Interviews of DPOs Start

12 May

James Kelly Subcontracted to Film the Documentary of the Project

7 April

Submission to the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth on the Consultation on the Draft Initial State Report under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

26 March

Applications for Funded PhD Opportunity Applications Open

Details on Diary>>News page:

Closing date is 30/4/21.

18 March

PI, Prof. Delia Ferri Invited To Deliver Online Lecture by University of Florence, Italy

“I Diritti delle Persone con Disabilità. Evoluzione e Nuove Prospettive di Tutela” – Scuola di Scienze Politiche Cesare Alfieri and  DSG (Dipartimento di Scienze Giuridiche) of University of Florence (Module “Diritto e Cinema” – coordinated by Prof. Veronica Federico)

16 March

Webinar: An Introduction to the ERC Project “Protecting the Right to Culture of Persons with Disabilities and Enhancing Cultural Diversity through European Union Law – DANCING”

With presentations by Prof. Delia Ferri, Dr. Ann Leahy, Dr. Neža Šubic, Ms. Hilary Hooks and Dr. Damjan Tatic.

16 March

DANCING Project Website Launched

15 March

PI, Prof. Delia Ferri Invited to Deliver Online Seminar by Sant’Anna Scuola Universitaria Superiore Pisa, Italy

‘Le politiche europee sulla disabilità in tempi di pandemia’

1 February

Léa Urzel Joined the Project as a PhD Researcher.

11 January

Project Twitter was Launched

11 January

Submission to the National Disability Authority (NDA) on Future Strategic Focus for NDA over the 3 Years 2022 to 2024

17 December

Blog Post by Neža Šubic Published in Ideas In All

13 November

Submission to the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media on its Statement of Strategy for the Three-year Period from 2021 to 2023

6 November

Applications for PhD Closed

2 November

The Team Welcomed Neža Šubic to the Project.

27 October

DANCING Project Twitter Account Registered – @DancingErc

6 October

Applications for First PhD Opened. 

15 September

The Team Welcomed Ann Leahy to the Project.

1 September

The Project Started.

For more information about DANCING’s activities and for job openings related to DANCING, please contact hilary.hooks@mu.ie.