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Project Overview and Work Packages

The project is divided into 4 complementary and partially overlapping Work Packages (WPs).

Link to accessible version of project Overview and Work Packages

WP4– Tools for Change

Develops “law awareness” through specific outputs for the general public and tools to foster civic participation, legal change and effective policy responses at the EU level.

Throughout the DANCING project, the P.I. and research team are committed to engaging in broader dialogue with the academic community, organisations of persons with disabilities and society at large. DANCING provides platforms for collaboration and discussion of emerging findings, through conferences, workshops and public conversations with artists, legal scholars and key stakeholders. DANCING is also collaborating with an accessibility designer and artists with disabilities to raise awareness of the project through outputs accessible to a diverse range of needs including comics, infographics and performances.

Link to accessble version of Infographic:  DANCING Project Progress

DANCING Project Progress Infographic

DANCING Timeline showing how the project will progress
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