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Since we started the DANCING project in 2020 we have done a lot of research into the rights of persons with disabilities to take part in cultural life as an essential aspect of enhancing cultural diversity in the EU. Below you will find a list of all the publications from project DANCING to date.

Work Package 1 – Experiential

WP1 identifies features of cultural access experienced as exclusionary by people experiencing different types of disability.

Work Package 2 – Normative

WP2 explores the intersection between cultural rights of people with disabilities and cultural diversity in EU law.

  • D. Ferri and N. Šubic (2023) The European Union: Federal Trends in Disability Rights, in D. Ferri, F. Palermo, and G. Martinico (Eds) Federalism and the Rights of Persons with Disabilities:  The Implementation of the CRPD in Federal Systems and Its Implications, Hart Publishing.  ISBN:  9781509962433
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