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Cartoon: Taking Stock of the Mid-term Academic Conference and Looking Ahead

DANCING project - Taking stock of the mid-term academic conference and looking ahead
DANCING Cartoon Design by Norbert Croonenberg.

Text Description

This is a text description of the cartoon entitled ‘DANCING Project: Taking Stock of the Mid-term Academic Conference and Looking Ahead’.

You will find the audio description underneath. 

The cartoon is an A4 size, with a title, followed by four half-width images and finishing with a full-width image.  The colours used are the project brand colours – different blues and greys with accents of green and purple.   

The title is followed by cartoon images of the faces of the team members with their names underneath:  Tiarnán, Ann, Léa, Delia, Hilary, Iryna and Eva. 

The pictures show the team in a cafe.

In the first picture there is a box giving the context, which reads’ the team are having lunch the day after the conference’. Delia says, “Congratulations everyone. Our mid-term academic conference was a great success!” Ann adds, “Our speakers cam from all over Euopre and included experts in an impressive array of subjects.” Eva says, “We discussed everything from EU Law to using contemporary dance as a research method”.

In the second picture, Delia says, “And the discussions that followed will inform the future direction of the DANCING project.” Ann says, “Sharing our findings from interviews helped us highlight barriers identified by organisations representing people with disabilities.”

In the third picture, Léa and Iryna say, “We received valuable feedback from speakers and discussants that will help shape our research going forward.” Eva adds, “and sharpen our presentation skills for future conferences.”

In the fourth picture, Hilary says, “We even got to showcase inclusive practice in inclusive performance with an evening of opera.” Tiarnán follows by saying, “We will build on this experience to prepare the event in which Stopgap will perform the choreographic piece created especially for DANCING.

In the last picture, Hilary says, “Get ready for year four!”. Delia concludes by saying, “as our focus turns to Work Package two, our challenge is to use the knowledge we have gained to enrich our future research.”

Underneath the infographic is an acknowledgement to the ERC with the logo of the EU, the ERC and the following text:  This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme (grant agreement No. 864182).

Audio Description

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