Julie Crothers DANCING on stage with the DANCING logomark on top

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Infographic: Why this Project?

Infographic: Why this project?
DANCING Infographic. Design by Norbert Croonenberg.

Infographic: Why this Project? – Text Description

The graphic and accessibility designer Norbert Cronenberg has prepared an infographic of the project DANCING, graciously funded by the European Research Council Consolidator grant. We used bright colours such as light blue, blue, and yellow and small graphic images to give a snapshot and show visually the rationale of the project and its main research goals. Our logo, created by Wonder Works, is included on the top of the infographic.  

First, why are we conducting this project? One fifth of the EU population has some form of disability. However, the rights of persons with disabilities are still neglected. In particular, the right of people with disabilities to participate in cultural life – which encompasses the rights of access to, and to be involved in cultural activities, as well as the recognition of disability identities, such as Deaf culture – has been long denied. Among others, the European Parliament notes the need for further action to improve access for people with disabilities to cultural activities and infrastructures. Ensuring that people with disabilities have access to culture, either as a consumer or an amateur or professional contributor, enhances diversity and is essential to create an inclusive society. In this project we will ensure participation and hear voices of persons with disabilities. We will pursue three main objectives. We want to: understand barriers and facilitators; explore cultural participation, cultural diversity in EU policies and law; and rethink cultural diversity.

This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme (grant agreement No. 864182).

Infographic: Why this Project? – Audio Description

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