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Infographic: Project Progress

DANCING Timeline showing how the project will progress
Infographic designed by Norbert Croonenberg, Accessibility Design.

Infographic: Project Progress – Text Description

The infographic uses blues, white and turquoise consistent with the previous infographics.  The mood of the design is playful and non-intimidating.  There is the DANCING project logo in the top left hand corner. The title ‘Project Progress’ is in the middle at the top, with a smaller tagline ‘This project is about researching disability and diversity in culture’.

The body of the graphic is a timeline showing a wavy line from left to right marked with years 1-5. Along the timeline are text boxes and small line images showing the project activities.

Year 1 shows the launch of project website and twitter, interviews with OPDs, (Organisations of People with Disabilities) and doctrinal research. Year 2 shows interviews with European key informants and the start of the documentary film. Year 3 showcases our first performance. Year 4 shows the publishing of books and articles, and focus groups and the completion of data analysis. Year 5 shows the final performance, and the release of the documentary film.

Infographic: Project Progress – Audio Description

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