Site Accessibility

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We hope that you find this website highly accessible. To this end, the site has the following features:

Accessibility Features

  1. Alt text descriptions are added to images.
  2. Sufficient colour contrast is ensured by ‘One Click Accessibility’ tool.
  3. The site has been designed to support simple navigation and a logical site structure.
  4. There is no animation on the site.
  5. Headings have been used to communicate the organisation of the content on the page.
  6. Drop-down menus are navigable using tab.
  7. Clear and descriptive links are used.
  8. Links do not unexpectedly take you to a new page.
  9. Closed captions and transcripts are provided for embedded video (using YouTube features ‘CC’ and ‘open transcript’).
  10. The site is navigable using only a keyboard.
  11. ‘Skip’ links have been used to enable faster navigation.
  12. ARIA document structure roles have been used.
  13. Sign language interpretation of the homepage and ‘About the Project’ page are provided by means of a video.
  14. The focus indicator has been enhanced so that people can see where on the page they are, clearly.
  15. Field labels provided in the contact form.
  16. Images (apart from headers) can be enlarged by clicking on them.

We have checked the site using the following methods:

Accessibility Checks

  1. WAVE (Website Accessibility Evaluation) Tool,
  2. Navigating the site using only the keyboard to interact with all controls, links, and menus (arrow keys, tab, enter and shift tab) – i.e. unplugging the mouse,
  3. Turning on high contrast mode through the One Click Accessibility tool and navigating the site,
  4. Turning off the images through browser settings to ensure that links still function, and that content still makes sense,
  5. Turning off CSS using disable-HTML to ensure that the site is still easy to read and navigate,
  6. Site tested with Chromevox screen reader.
  7. Site tested on a mobile device and tablet.
AXIS Dance Company troupe
Dancers and photo: AXIS Dance Company.

We are still working through the following:

Please notify us of any accessibility issues or improvements we might make. We will be glad to hear from you.