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Video: ERC Story – Reimagining cultural diversity: disability and inclusion

This video explains the project’s key goals and methodology through text captions and a musical soundtrack.

Video Produced by ERC Stories

Text Description

This is a text description of the video ‘Reimagining cultural diversity: disability and inclusion’.

This video explains the key aim and methodological approach of the DANCING project. This is explained in a text which appears as a series of captions over related pieces of video showing images related to art, performance and disability. Throughout this, the soundtrack features a string section playing insistent single notes over a simple musical figure played on a xylophone. This text reads as follows:

‘Participating in culture is a universal right to ensure inclusive and diverse societies. Yet people with disabilities often do not have access to culture. They are often denied the opportunities to tell their stories and express themselves. How does this fit with cultural diversity in EU law? ERC grantee Delia Ferri combines legal scholarship with art-based research, using dance to advance legal understanding and to challenge cultural exclusion of people with disabilities.’

As this text plays the following images are shown:

  • A woman in a wheelchair performing on a stage.
  • a row of male ballet dancers rehearsing.
  • a man in a wheelchair moving down a long narrow corridor; a couple singing and playing guitar while wearing headphones.
  • an image of the scales of justice against the background of an EU flag.
  • an image of the project Principal investigator Delia Ferri.
  • an image of a dancer in a wheelchair rehearsing.
  • and an image of a dancer performing using crutches.

Finally, a cue card appears showing animated logos for the European Commission followed by the European Research Council.

Audio Description

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