See the events we have organised in project DANCING from when we started on 1/9/20.

25 May 2022
Open Up Museums! Prospects and Challenges of Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion 26-27 May 2022 A two-day itinerary workshop to explore key issues and tools to promote openness in the cultural sector between law and practice

Workshop: Open Up Museums!

The event is free, but please register on Eventbrite

Dr. Rosaleen McDonagh


A conversation with Dr Rosaleen McDonagh author of Unsettled (Skein Press 2021)

The MU Sexualities and Genders Network and ERC Dancing Project are delighted to present, as part of Social Justice Week.  The event is free but please register on Eventbrite

22 March 2022
16 March 2021
Researching Disability and Diversity in Culture.  An Introduction to the ERC Project “Protecting the Right to Culture of Persons with Disabilities and Enhancing Cultural Diversity through European Union Law – DANCING”.  1-2pm on 16/3/21 Microsoft Teams Webinar.  All welcome. Microsoft Teams registration not necessary. Please register in advance at:


Researching Disability and Diversity in Culture: Introducing the ERC Project DANCING